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To create partner pair groups with the fun review cards:-Cut out each set of flash cards.-Then cut down the.

You will learn the vocabulary needed to understand and describe.Directions: Copy the term on front of the card and the definition and example on the back.

Sharing physical or emotional feelings by identifying with a character in literature.

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Handbook to Literature 11th Edition by William Harmon. pre- and post-tests on the terms, flash cards for key terms, a literary.Print Literary Terms flashcards and study them anytime,. poetry not written in a regular rhythmical pattern. 47. Genre KC. category or type of literature. 48.

Human beings are like puppets controlled by external and interal forces.

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An indirect or casual reference to a famous person, event, or literary work with which the reader is assumed to be familiar.Study online flashcards and notes for English Poetic and Literary Terms Flash Cards including Exposition: The essential background information at the beginning of a.

A brief tale in prose or poetry that emphasizes a moral and usually has animals as.Study online flashcards and notes for Literary Terms flash cards including Allegory: A story illustrating an idea or a moral principle in which objects take on.

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A humorous literary work that redicules a serous work by immitating and exaggerating its style.

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Before we could even put a name to it, we were writing and reciting poems.Irony percieved by an audience when a character makes statements not fully understood by himself.Find, create, and access Literature, flashcards with Course Hero.

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Learn about form and structure in poetry with this literary word search.

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A statement that appears to be absurd or self-contradictory, but is true on a higher level.Find, create, and access Poetry And Literature, flashcards with Course Hero.Realistic fiction developed in France, US, and GB in the late 19th century.A literary work in which persons, events, or objects represent or stand for something else.Foolish ideas are ridiculed for the purpose of improving society.

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English 11 & English 9 Honors. http://quizlet.com/20384735/red-badge-of-courage-literary-terms-flash-cards. "I dwell in Possibility" -Emily Dickinson-Poetry...