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Second, qualitative, personal interviews were conducted with the healthy couples.While serving as a pastor, he developed this program in the hopes it would help the members of his church develop into the kind.Both the literature review and the survey results and analysis make the case for bold moves towards church health so that the Great Commission can be advanced and Christ be glorified.Jesus commissioned all Christians to make disciples and teach them (Matt 28:18-20).What Selected Senior Pastors of Church Planting Churches Identify as Key Communication Factors in Casting Vision for a New Church Plant.The next part is the literature review, which surveys published works, as well as examines biblical examples.Often these are small churches in various stages of stagnation or decline.The dissertation concludes with a chapter presenting four principles for how churches can facilitate spiritual growth in online environments as well as potential ideas for related areas of study and research.

The hypothesis was that LCC was accomplishing its goals in spiritual formation.Results indicated that the leaders who participated in the study improved their scores on the post-test evaluations by a statistically significant margin, not only in the overall leadership evaluation, but also within each of the three leadership attribute categories studied.In other words, the style of the worship event, the small group paradigm in which community is fostered, the ministry activities that have developed, and the process by.The curcial goal of this project is to form a ministry model that can be adopted by the Biblical Community Church.The purpose of this project is to evaluate the effectiveness of Discipleship for leadership (D.F.L.) to equip individuals for godly leadership at Burlingame Church in Portland, Oregon.This project uses the reconciliation of these two churches as a model for other congregations that may consider merging.

I selected two pastors in the Southern United States and investigated their leadership through questionnaire, interviews, observations, the Performax Personal Profile System, and relevant church data to determine whether they validate the hypothesis.I also saw participants grow in their confidence to make disciples and in their willingness to make disciple-making their lifestyle as Christ-followers.Evaluation of a Program Guiding Single Christian Adults in Making Biblically-Informed Decisions Relating to Singleness and Marriage.For researchers who wish to get a deeper understanding of this relationship, below are a list of topics that can be used for dissertation purposes.

Christian women in particular have understood mentoring functions to be inherent in the mandate of Titus 2:3-5.The project also sought to determine if there are best practices among D.Min. programs that can be shared to improve all D.Min. programs. The project determined that the DTS D.Min. program and that of other institutions evaluated, are indeed very successful, and the D.Min. students are extremely satisfied with their programs.

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Christian Heritage and Doctrinal Development: An Applied Curriculum for Adults in the Local Church.Using a one-year Bible as the sole discipleship material and discussion as the primary method of guidance, I surveyed three research study groups of different sizes to determine the effects of using the Bible, particularly a one-year Bible, as the primary discipleship material.There needs to be clear distinction between political views and religious beliefs. Discuss. Politics is used as a mask to cover up religious fanaticism.Thus the problem this study seeks to address is how to provide mentoring opportunities that meet the needs of young women.Pastors need authority in order to carry out their biblical responsibilities.The hypothesis will be validated when the evidence points to a personal commitment on the part of the effective senior pastor to maximize his strengths, minimize his limitations, develop in biblical character, such that the congregation is willing and striving together with him to fulfill a common vision.

Due to the small sample size and the narrow focus of the group, further testing will be needed to validate the effectiveness of the manual.The test design did not indicate that the first person narrative was more effective than the traditional sermon.Results of the two studies were combined with three local church case studies to develop a program to assimilate newcomers into Truth and Liberty Church in Pundang, Korea.

A strong quality family life is expressed in a pattern of biblically-ordered relationships between the family members, where each fulfills their God-given roles and tasks with proper attitudes reflecting the fruit of the Spirit in their lives.Knowing God as Father: Case Studies of Women Who Overcame Difficult Human Father Relationships.These families were selected from different African countries.This project will explore the large chasm that exists between the seminary and the church, specifically in regards to the seminary graduate being prepared to make a successful transition to church leadership.Kids are growing up in a completely different world from their parents, and the technological boom is a major reason for this change.The research consisted of surveying senior pastors who had immediately followed either the intentional or traditional interim ministry.The purpose of this research is to evaluate the relationship between the pre-adoption life circumstances of children adopted from foreign countries and healthy attachment with their Christian adoptive mothers.

The intension of this study was to discover potential roadblocks to assimilation, and positive factors that can enhance membership assimilation in two selected African Baptist churches in the Dallas area.This dissertation has three hypotheses. (1) There is an association between parental feelings of failure and coping with adolescent rebellion. (2) There is an association between parental feelings of guilt and coping with adolescent rebellion. (3) There is an association between parental feelings of blame and coping with adolescent rebellion.

The case study research design is also detailed and three case study sites described.This research project utilized a strategy for increasing the spiritual growth in the congregation at Fellowship Evangelical Free Church in Dallas, Pennsylvania.A search of the previous sociological and biblical literature was made to determine the need for pursuing this investigation.

Evaluating the Use of Selected Performance Arts in Public Worship at South Columbia Baptist Church.The resources of people, time, space and money were examined in light of the various ages involved in ministry.Chapter two looks at previous research and a literature review regarding the elements of the church that are evaluated in this project.

Selected Case Studies in How Traditional Chinese Churches Can Have an Effective American Born Chinese (ABC) Ministry.The thesis was that the mother-daughter model of church planting was one of the more effective models for church planting today and for the Oakland Chinese Independent Baptist Church to actually implement a church plant after the same model and then to evaluate the model.This dissertation includes a literature review and historical analysis of the cultural traits of American individualism, which currently exists in two primary forms, as well as a survey of the changing spiritual formation strategies in the American church.The dissertation continues with a presentation of the research procedure and an explanation of the details of the process utilized.

Through implementation and translating MarriageCore to Chinese, the results showed that couples benefited from participating and improved their marital relationship and also grew mutually in spirit.Although, replicating core ideology can be facilitated in many ways, campus leadership and church metrics are two important factors in this process.Development and Evaluation of an Instrument for Assessing the Spiritual Formation Program for Students at Lincoln Christian College.Sharpening Shepherding Skills is a training program for the everyday Christian in Biblical lay counseling skills.There are biblical principles given from the scriptures and how they inform us about a relationship with God as our Father.Transforming Family Leadership Case Studies of Four Military Families.After all your years of attending first undergraduate, graduate, and then doctoral programs, you.These resources cover subjects, such as church manpower—both paid and volunteer, church finances and budgeting, space usage, and programming issues.