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More than a third of people say they originally subscribed in response to a discount or promotion.These likely payers tend to be news seekers, and they also tend to be people who already pay for a news subscription in addition to the source they follow for free.This research was conducted by the Media Insight Project, an initiative of the American Press Institute and the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.We asked everyone who told us they have a regular free source of news how likely they would be to pay for it.This number does not include those who pay for cable TV bundles that could include news channels.

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Few print subscribers think it likely they will switch to a digital-only subscription in the future, and more than half of those who prefer digital have never paid for a print version of the same source.Seventy-two percent of these people get news on social media, and about 1 in 3 say they would be at least a little likely to pay for the source they now use for free.About two-thirds of them who use Facebook use it several times a day (compared with half of older subscribers), and many say that discovering a news source through social media was a key factor in deciding to pay for it.

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Subscribers are clearly signaling that publishers cannot cost-cut their way to growth — attracting subscribers requires investment in premium news content and focusing on audience needs.

Research papers and dissertations are now accepted as integral part of the higher education.

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December 23, 2009 By Overview Research scientists work in university settings, private sector settings and for governments.Among those 18-34 years old, many say they began paying for a source because they recently became able to afford it—perhaps upon getting a new job or promotion.We then ask a set of questions to determine whether people pay for certain types of news sources.

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CEPR is a non-partisan think tank focused on providing data based analysis of the most important economic and social issues.The study finds that slightly more than half of all U.S. adults subscribe to news in some form—and roughly half of those to a newspaper.Fully 75 percent of newspaper payers say they primarily read the paper in print, while 21 percent are mostly digital users, and 4 percent describe themselves as evenly split.We measure quality of papers with hundreds of positive feedbacks we receive from our clients on a daily basis.And contrary to the idea that young people will not pay for news because information on the internet is free, nearly 4 in 10 adults under age 35 are paying for news. offers paid research paper writing service to suit even most complicated assignments.Salaries and benefits of Research Associates are paid from research grants.

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