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I personally believe that having term limits on Congress would essentially be beneficial for everyone in America.The development of experience in United States politics is essential for creating strong politicians who could possibly move up to the level of president, and to ensure that strong commitee and speaker leadership is circulated throughout Congress to ensure that debates and votes go quickly and efficiently to prevent gridlock.States have attempted to impose term limits on their federal lawmakers.When FDR was in office, he was considered a great president and served four terms as president.Congressional term limits are an unnecessary measure that would lower the quality of our government.

This system will keep the foundational members of Congress in power to provide consistency, while allowing new members to rise through the ranks of Congress.Representatives would be more inclined to do what is right for their constituencies and the country, as opposed to what is popular.Originally Posted by indago They already have term limits: article article Well, their not limited in time as they can serve as long as they can keep.Other arguments include: Term limits have support of a majority of Americans.Also, they would be younger, have different experiences and more recent knowledge than the congress who have been in long-terms.Term limits would give more power to unelected bureaucrats who run federal agencies and lobbyists.In my opinion i think that terms in congress should be limited because if someone does something bad yes there in power but should have some what a punishment.

When their dictators serve for a long time or even life, the country goes downhill to the point that the leader gets killed by rebels.It just causes conflict.If term limits were to be created, then the weakness of the United States would be brought into the limelight.This page contains a 50-state chart with each chambers number of legislators and lengths of terms.No. Industry knowledge and experience in any field is the most valuable commodity for that industry.

Overall as whole I do feel that there is more reasoning behind approving term limits for members of Congress because of the outweigh of positive effects that would happen if amendment was approved.

October 1, 2015 By Jeremy Quattlebaum, Student Voices staff writer On Feb. 27, 1951, the 22nd Amendment was.

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By imposing term limits for their lawmakers, states are limiting how long a Congressman can stay in office.Arguments against limiting terms are that funding campaigns of new members will turn out expensive, this will hurt the small states, and the experienced members in congress will have to leave.

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Others may argue against term limits because they feel it against their natural right and who they want to represent them.

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We put a term limit on the president than why not on our congressman.Listing of the answers to the question: Government Term Limits Do you think a United States Senators term of 6 years should be reduced to 4 years, with a max term.This will ultimately allow new faces to get elected into congress, rather than the same congressmen and congresswomen having say in what goes on and eventually cause a stagnation of opinions.There could be nothing more productive for our country than to put term limits on Congress.Elections are effective in keeping bad legislators out of Congress.The new term limits took effect. you grant Oklahoma Policy Institute permission to reproduce.

Therefore Congress should not begin the process for an amendment limiting the terms for members of Congress.Legislators should be able to keep being elected if the people like what they are doing.

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Members of the United States Congress should have term limits, but the elections should be held only once every five years.Congressmen, like The President ran for election into the seats they hold today.

New congressmen will bring up an efficient government and therefore they should enforce the process for an Amendment limiting the terms of Congress.

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No Congress should not make an amendment that will limit their terms in Congress.To dictate and control them, to tell them whom they should not elect, is to abridge their natural rights.There was a movement on term limits back in 90 to 94 where almost all states adopted term limits for State Legislatures, and 23 states passed Term limits on.Congress and the reasoning behind the bicameral system. Transcript of Congress and the reasoning behind the.

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Term limits allow for new leaders to emerge in the world of politics.Over 50 years later, 75 percent of Americans agreed that the Senate and the House of Representatives should adopt term limits, according to a 2013 Gallup poll.The men in congress discuss among themselves what legislation to consider passing.Come January, the Michigan Senate will be the place to find out.

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I truly believe that congress should begin the process of an amendment to limit the terms for members of Congress, for the very reason being that there needs to be equality to where everyone gets the same chance to get to run for elected office.

I believe that Congress should begin the process for an amendment limiting the terms for members of congress because it is the only way to clean up congress.Another problem is that many new congressman will not be experienced enough and as time showed us that we learn from our mistakes and improve.A term limit is a legal restriction that limits the number of terms an officeholder may serve in a particular elected office.

A Comparison of the Articles of Confederation And The U.S. Constitution Formal name of the nation. six for Senators Term limit for legislative office.

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However, sometimes giving the chance to new things, great things can happen.US Term Limits is the largest grassroots campaign for term limits for United States Congress.