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Some articles are summarized and highlighted within Nature and Nature Research publications and subject-specific websites.

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International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR).The process of submitting and publishing research articles can be difficult for junior researches.

International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR). 2- The International Journal of Computer (IJC). 3-.Nominal fees have been established to cover costs associated with the installation, getting the domain name, and hosting the software.With GRIN you can publish publish a research paper your term paper, bachelor thesis, master thesis, dissertation, lecture notes, exam my favourite season spring essay.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER (IJC) Call For Papers January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.The editors choose referees for their independence, ability to evaluate the technical aspects of the paper fully and fairly, whether they are currently or recently assessing related submissions, and whether they can review the manuscript within the short time requested.The first and most important step is the least glamorous: Read, Read, and Read.

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How to write a Great Research Paper, and Get it Accepted by a Good Journal.The daunting challenge of getting that first academic paper published weighs on new researchers like an albatross.

How to Publish a Research Paper

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For Research Scholars doing P.hD it is mandatory to publish there.When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next.You may suggest referees for your manuscript (including address details), so long as they are independent scientists.

If you wish to use the presubmission enquiry service, please use the online system of the journal of your choice to send a paragraph explaining the importance of your manuscript, as well as the abstract or summary paragraph with its associated citation list so the editors may judge the manuscript in relation to other related work.Editors weigh many factors when choosing content for Nature journals, but they strive to minimize the time taken to make decisions about publication while maintaining the highest possible quality of that decision.

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Initial submission When you are ready to submit the manuscript, please use the online submission system for the journal concerned.Publishing Your Research 101 - Ep.1 How to Write a Paper to Communicate Your Research.At all stages of the process, you can access the online submission system and find the status of your manuscript.

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IEEE - Publish a Paper with IEEE Choose the publication best fit for your research with the IEEE Publication of consolidated published papers in electrical.Publishing Same Research Paper british library theses on a National Conference as well as International IEEE Can how to publish research papers in ieee I publish my.

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This service is intended to save you time — if the editors feel it would not be suitable, you can submit the manuscript to another journal without delay.Publishing the results of your research is vital. Look at the most recent issues of the journal.IJSER is an open access international journal or a large number of high quality and peer reviewed research publishing in all the fields of science, engineering and.Call for Candidates for Editor-in-Chief in all scientific areas.All articles and contact details of corresponding authors are included in our press release service, which means that your work is drawn to the attention of all the main media organizations in the world, who may choose to feature the work in newspaper and other media reports.The journal and conference multi support department can also provide the organizations with the needed assistance in installing, getting domain name, and hosting service for the previous mentioned systems.

Research Publish Journals invites Scientific Research Paper in the field of Social Sciences.Title: how to publish research papers in journals Author: Vincenzo Madaline Subject: how to publish research papers in journals Keywords: how to publish research.How to publish a Research Paper IJSRP guides you for writing a research paper starting from inception of ideas till their publications.Presubmission enquiries Researchers may obtain informal feedback from editors before submitting the whole manuscript.

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Read or publish research paper from biotechnology, medicine, molecular biology, physics, chemistry or other scientific fields.

The Nature journals differ from most other journals in that they do not have editorial boards, but are instead run by professional editors who consult widely among the scientific community in making decisions about publication of papers.Usually the peptides are supplied in a lyophilized condition.Editors will honour your requests to exclude a limited number of named scientists as reviewers.

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However, because the journals can publish only a few of the manuscripts in the field or subfield concerned, many manuscripts have to be declined without peer review even though they may describe solid scientific results.

Editors encourage authors whose articles describe methods to provide a summary of the method for the print version and to include full details and protocols online.If you have research data. a license if you have chosen to publish open access.

Throughout this process, the editors of Nature journals uphold editorial, ethical and scientific standards according to the policies outlined on the author and referee site as well as on our journal websites.These suggestions are often helpful, although they are not always followed.STATE YOUR THESIS; STEP 4. MAKE A...

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Peer review The corresponding author is notified by email when an editor decides to send a manuscript for review.

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The decision letter will specify a deadline, and revisions that are returned within this period will retain their original submission date.American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and Sciences (ASRJETS).I have some frozen samples of whole blood which were frozen for more than one year.Nature journals provide more than 3,000 registered journalists with weekly press releases that mention all research papers to be published.