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Mexican newspaper closes citing insecurity for journalists

With errors, main, help and template pages are placed into one of the subcategories of Category:Articles with incorrect citation syntax.

For titles in languages that do not use a Latin-based alphabet (Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc).This Citation Style 1 template is used to create citations for news articles in print, video, audio or web.

Can be full date (day, month, and year) or partial date (month and year, season and year, or year).This parameter should hold only the ISBN without any additional characters.Citing a newspaper article on a database -MLA Cite it at Database definition: A structured, electronic collection that may contain full-text articles.Chicago Manual of Style: How Do I Cite Newspapers Chicago Manual of Style — How Do I Cite Newspapers.For example, access-date is not required for links to copies of published research papers accessed via DOI or a published book, but should be used for links to news articles on commercial websites (these can change from time to time, even if they are also published in a physical medium).Citing Sources in the Text of your Paper: In-Text Citation and Notes.

OR: for multiple authors, use last1, first1 through last n, first n, where n is any consecutive number for an unlimited number of authors (each first n requires a corresponding last n ).This may be a different format from that used for archive and access dates.Choosing between the two often depends on subject matter and the nature of sources cited, as each system is favored by different groups of scholars.A DOI is a permanent ID that, when appended to in the address bar of an Internet browser, will lead to the source.Walter Emil Kaegi Jr. and Peter White, vol. 2 of University of Chicago Readings in Western Civilization, ed.We will stop providing technical support for Internet Explorer 8 after June 2014.Developed by the American Psychological Association, this style is most widely used for research papers in psychology and social sciences.

Aliases: authorlink1 through authorlink n, or author1-link through author n -link, or author1link through author n link.A unique identifier used where none of the specialized ones are applicable.There are several tools you can use to create bibliographies, organize your citations, format research papers, and share information.Dana Barnes et al., Plastics: Essays on American Corporate Ascendance in the 1960s.Follow the steps mentioned on this page for your works cited.A guide to create citations for bibliographies and works cited in reference papers.

The following example shows the more formal version of a note.Use the same format as other access and archive dates in the citations.Notes. Newspapers and magazines are NOT acceptable academic sources unless as objects of research.In the bibliography, list the page range for the whole article.Aside from the use of notes versus parenthetical references in the text, the two systems share a similar style.

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The author-date system has long been used by those in the physical, natural, and social sciences.Note: When using shortened footnotes or parenthetical referencing styles with templates, do not use multiple names in one field, or else the anchor will not match the inline link.APA (American Psychological Association) style is most commonly used to cite sources within the social sciences.

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The notes and bibliography style is preferred by many in the humanities, including those in literature, history, and the arts.

Aliases: editor-first1, editor1-first, editor-given, editor-given1, editor1-given.If only a 10-digit ISBN is printed on or in the book, use it.

Learn how and when to cite, types of sources and specific style guides.

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Abbreviate the title of a work if you cite it frequently in your paper.Include a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) if the journal lists one.These identifiers create links and are designed to accept a single value.The following examples illustrate citations using the notes and bibliography system.Take note of the following when citing newspapers: Omit the initial article of a newspaper title (e.g. A, An, The) even if it is present.

If script-title is defined, title holds romanized transliteration of title in script-title.Please consider discussing any changes on the talk page before implementing them.