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Moreover, the social morality is tightly connected with the religious beliefs.In addition, her father achieves nothing in his life and all he possesses is a sense of secular and vanity, which makes his industrious and mediocre wife feel proud of his identity.In this scene, Hardy displays the traditional Victorian double standards, in which it was considered acceptable and common for young men to have sexual escapades in their past however, shameful and controversial for women to have committed the same mistakes.

Hardy successfully portrays an eternal image by giving Tess complicated characteristic that contains beauty and defect.

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Describe the relationship of Angel to his father, Reverend Clare, and Angel with his brothers.Therefore, her sufferings and misery happens in an even intense way.

So making a confession about her relationship with Alec equaled to a dramatic challenge of loosing her lovers.She longs for his love so much that she is departed from her stand.

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After her ordeal, she did not think of herself as capable of love (Watts 2007).She aspires to provide for herself and remain a single woman.

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She blames her mother for not giving her forewarning on such issues.Her previous encounter with him at a dance reminds her of her naivety at the time.Angel thought of Tess as pure and Alec as a conquest, but defining a woman by her sexual availability is very demeaning.There is always some conventions and backward things that makes her be limited by the expression.Just as the subtle A Pure Woman suggests, undoubtedly, Tess is a noble woman with pure mind all the time.This, on a degree, reflects her limitation caused by the deep-rooted traditional thinking.

If she wants a stable life, the only choice for her is to be the mistress of Alec just as he wants.

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Her experience is a typical tragic story and represents those who should lead a better life rather than tortured by the tragic hardships.She slowly recovers and assumes normality in her life, however it is short lived.Their desire to become wealthy culminates in putting Tess in dangerous ways.Tess grew up in Marlott, a tranquil village can be compared to a paradise.

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She loses her innocence ironically, and her hard life begins right after that moment.When Prince died in accident, Tess blamed herself and thought its death was all her fault.Also, in our country, there are so many researches and studies on this literature too.Mrs. Durbeyfield urges Tess to never disclose her past to Angel as he may reject her forthwith.However, at the same time, her character contains some defects.

Choose a novel or short story in which the choice of setting is central to your appreciation of the text.Essays in Criticism: A Quarterly Journal of Literary Criticism 31.4.Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ.It has been so much my religion ever since we were married to be faithful to you in every thought and look, that even when a man speaks a compliment to me I am aware, it seems wronging you.In Victorian Context, people strongly tend to worship those who own a big fortune as well as the one who has higher social identity.Having such a notion in mind, it is inevitably leads to her inner torment and self-contempt.His assumption of the newly found status results in his failure to execute his daily duties.Everything we do is focussed on writing the best possible assignment for your exact requirements.

He flied into a fury and fleed the home, not leaving his forgiveness that Tess was eager for so much. Once again, Tess did something that followed her heart, and once again, she got closer to the abyss of tragedy.He assumes the role of a rich man despite the fact that, in reality, he remains a poor one (Hardy 2008).She perceives it as her fault and is compelled to pay off her family.His inappropriate and awkward reference towards her illustrates his ill manners and dark character.Later, when Angle comes back from Brazil, Tess finds Alec cheats her once again, she feels so intolerable with the hatred towards Alec that accumulated from the previous to the present and she finally kills him in the moment he slanders her with sharp words.