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Religion feeds the hunger of the soul and your soul has more needs than your physical body does.In Indian context, there are a number of means of mass communication which have been very instrumental in bridging the communication gap between people that contributes to the air of awareness in a society.The growth in the circulation of newspapers in the country results in the overall economic prosperity of the country, inspiring it to higher levels.Religion and today society should not be separated because religions play a very important role in bringing the society in unity, mutual co-operation, understanding and peace in the society.History and role of media. STUDY. Medill took a strong stand with regard to the role of a good newspaper in society, arguing that the press must represent truth,.Religion continues to play on human fear of death as a most effective tool for keeping them obedient to the set of social rules created by the men (Gods) that rule over them to keep their actions confined to that of a herd of cows.

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The importance of education and science cannot also be denied.

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People want to remain informed about everything and news, which is taking place anywhere in the world.Comment: The Role of Technology in Society and the Need for Historical Perspective Author(s): A.

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When individuals are healed, families are healed, and when families are healed, society.

Privacy Policy 3. TOS 4. Disclaimer Copyright Publish Your Essay ADVERTISEMENTS.A newspaper in the present time makes us familiar with the up-date current events of our nation.Yes, every individual involves themselves with the fashion industry in one way or another.

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When we have a problem or violence in the community, we deal with religious term and could solve many problems in a peaceful way.

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Cuneiform documents were written on clay tablets, by means of a blunt reed for a stylus.Religion has a very powerful influence in economics and politics.Local readers take more interest to get more information about their hometowns.

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Many destructive things are avoided through the role play by religion.The Roles of Newspapers Newspapers keep the people aware of the activities of the government.

Now people living in different countries know everything about the people of other countries sitting at home with the help of media.In the third millennium, the pictorial representations became simplified and more abstract as the number of characters in use grew smaller, from about 1,000 in the Early Bronze Age to about 400 in Late Bronze Age (Hittite cuneiform).

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The Role of the Mass Media in Community Development. That is to say without communication no society can.

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There is an abundance of evidence in many societies worldwide, where religious bigots persecute men and women because of their sexual or racial preference.Role of media in the society:. but also through radio and newspaper. Media plays an important role in society it informs us about certain strikes,crimes,.Life is not a simple thing as it used to be in the past few centuries.

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By garnering an increasing number of subscribers in the form of readers, newspapers clearly reflect the individuality of a reader and the country as well.The Role Of Media In Bringing Public Awareness. magazines, newspapers,.

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The Role of Print Media in Society. as the World Association of Newspapers suggests, pointing out that one billion people in the world read a newspaper every day.

Local news crisis: why newspapers remain so. why newspapers remain so important to the. to everyone that makes the role of the local newspaper even.The important role of newspaper and magazines in our lives The more society is developed the more means of communication are required.The main advantage of media is current information, which is available round the clock and people remain informed about important news through radio, television and other sources.Daily Newspaper provides its huge contribution towards the economic and industrial development of a country.

Together, the different elements are a product of societal change, forced regulations, rising living.Press is one of the important means of communication and a channel to link the government with the people.

People had less demands and less requirements in the past as compare to today.Article shared by Prasad Nanda Press ( newspaper ) occupies an important place in our society.Religion has the greatest value for the leaders of each group as it gives them power to control the belief and actions of large groups of people that can be manipulated to serve their personal financial agendas.For a long time media was one of the methods of controlling people and leisure.The acts of terrorism against Americans are also evidence of religious bigotry.Role of newspaper in society pdf Newspapers are a vital source of information in enlightened societies providing the.

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